Earth Volumetric Studio-EVS | 可视化地质建模软件



· EVS(Earth Volumetric Studio)软件在环境及生态方面的应用        

· 地下水模拟仿真解决方案



C Tech公司于2015年底已停止发行EVS Pro软件和MVS软件,并于2016年初发布了集合原EVS Pro和MVS所有功能的新版EVS(Earth Volumetric Studio)。

Earth Volumetric Studio是美国C Tech公司非常受欢迎的软件包,它包含了C Tech公司EVS Pro软件和MAS软件的所有功能,同时还增加了高级网格模块、建模工具、输出选项、地质统计分析、 动画分析、GIS功能等。

EVS Pro软件将地质建模、地质统计分析、体数据处理和海量计算集成为一体,同时还增加了高级网格模块、建模工具、输出选项、地质统计分析、动画分析、GIS功能等。随之附加的功能包含:高级动画支持、地形漫游、高级地质结构建模、交互式分析、4DIM & VRML II输出、数据库链接等。


1.  钻井的定址、已有的钻井和测量数据的分析;
2.  定点场所的地质观测;
3.  三维建筑的定址和轮廓的勾绘;
4.  道路选址、地形的分析等;
5.  航空影像的处理分析;
6.  土壤的污染分析;
7.  地下水的污染分析;
8.  地下水流分析;
9.  湖泊、河流和海洋数据的处理分析;
10.  空气和噪音污染的等级分析。

MVS 软件(Mining Visualization System) 是C Tech公司可视化应用与分析的旗舰产品。MVS它可以将三维应用和分析与ESRI's ArcView® GIS 、ArcGIS&reg进行无缝集成,成为该领域中突破性的进步。MVS同时增加了专门面向探矿工程和规划实际需要的功能模块,解决了很多地质学家和环境学家急需解决的诸多问题和困难。同时,还增加建模工具、针对地质学家和环境学家工作的模块、高级网格模块、建模工具、输出选项、地质统计分析、动画分析、GIS功能等等。

1. 有限差和有限元素栅格模型的产生;
2. 3D 栅栏图的生成;
3. 定点场所的地质观测;
4. 三维建筑的定址和轮廓的勾绘;
5. 道路选址、地形的分析等;
6. 航空影像的处理分析;
7. 土壤的污染分析;
8. 地下水的污染分析;
9. 地下水流分析;
10. 湖泊、河流和海洋数据的处理分析;
11. 钻井的定址、已有的钻井和测量数据的分析;
12. 3D 功能模块化操作,简单直观;
13. 隧道挖掘;
14. 高级纹理工具;
15. 坑槽建模;
16. 交互式构造分析;
17. 工程计算等等;
18. 利用已有的数据分析,选取好的钻井位置,选取矿物含量较高的地点。


Earth Volumetric Studio (Studio) is the revolutionary synthesis of C Tech’s Environmental Visualization System and Mining Visualization System integrated with new technology from years of EnterVol development.  Earth Volumetric Studio retains the modular toolkit paradigm of its predecessors in an updated, user friendly environment.

Earth Volumetric Studio is a standalone Windows program which offers the ultimate in speed, power and flexibility. Studio unites advanced volumetric gridding, geostatistical analysis, and 4D visualization tools into a software system developed to address the needs of all Earth science disciplines. The graphical user interface is integrated with modular analysis and graphics routines which can be customized and combined to satisfy the analysis and visualization needs of any application.  Studio can be used to analyze all types of analytical and geophysical data in any environment (e.g. soil, groundwater, surface water, air, noise, resistivity, etc.). Earth Volumetric Studio’s integrated geostatistics provides quantitative evaluation of the quality of your data and site models and identifies locations that require additional data collection.

Earth Volumetric Studio  includes the capabilities of C Tech’s former Environmental Visualization System Pro  and MVS (Mining Visualization System) within a more powerful, easy-to-use environment.  Features include: borehole and sample posting; parameter estimation using expert system driven 2D and 3D kriging algorithms with best fit variograms; exploding geologic layers; finite difference and finite element modeling grid generation; advanced gridding; comprehensive Python scripting of virtually all functions; high level animation support; interactive 3D fence diagrams; multiple analyte data analysis and integrated volumetrics and mass calculation for soil and groundwater contamination and ore bodies.  The advanced features in , formerly found in our MVS software are targeted to the needs of mining engineers and planners, or the geologist or environmental engineer with the most demanding requirements.  Some of the advanced features include: 3D fault block generation; tunnel cutting; advanced texture mapping; mine pit modeling; visualizing and modeling of ore body overburden; and many additional advanced features.

Studio includes C Tech’s DrillGuide© technology which applies integrated geostatistics to provide quantitative appraisal of the quality of site assessments and identification of optimal new sample locations at sites that require additional investigation. This proven technology can dramatically cut site assessment costs whether you’re searching for gold or groundwater contamination. Our tools improve site assessment and enhance your ability to analyze and present data for assessments, remediation planning, litigation support, regulatory reporting, and public relations.



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