Groundwater Vistas | 先进的地下水流/污染物运移模拟软件

Groundwater Vistas新版本为Version 7


Groundwater Vistas是一款用于地下水流及污染物运移3D模拟的先进窗口图示用户界面,并使用MODFLOW体系代码进行校准和优化处理。GV广泛综合了多种图形分析工具,形成了一套强大的模型设计系统。GV的高级版本提供了理想的地下水风险评估工具。GV是英格兰和威尔士环保署的模拟软件,并且是世界范围内领先的MODFLOW预处理和后处理解决方案。

新版本Groundwater Vistas7.0软件,共推出了四个等级的版本:标准版、高级版、专业版(企业版)及白金版。



Native 64-bit Version of Groundwater Vistas & all models

 Available in Standard Mode now with size limitations (see next page)!

 Standard Mode now supports MODFLOW-USG in normal grids

Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10

HASP keys (dongles) allow us to provide upgrades via email (if you have version 6, you do not

need a new dongle)


MODFLOW2005 Version 1.12

MODFLOW-NWT Version 1.1.2

MODFLOW-USG Version 1.3 & Beta Version

MT3D-USGS (finally an update for MT3DMS)

MODPATH Version 7

MODFLOW-Surfact Version 4*

 Including TMP1 Package for transient hydraulic property changes

 Density-dependent Flow

 MODHMS support for CHF, OLF, IPT (Professional & Premium only)

PEST Version 14 (with BEOPEST)

PEST_HP for highly parameterized inversions*

Brute Force upgraded to work with any MODFLOW/MODPATH combination

AlgoMesh Version 1.2 provided in Professional & Premium versions


MT3D-USGS – new version from USGS

Contaminant Treatment System (CTS) Package

Streamflow Transport (SFT) Package

Lake Transport (LKT) Package

Unsaturated Zone Transport (UZT) Package

Chain decay and EA/ED Reactions


MODFLOW-USG option to only use active cells for significant runtime reduction

Combine nested and Quadtree grids in same model with MODFLOW-USG

Triangular and Voronoi grids for MODFLOW-USG (Professional & Premium only)

MODFLOW-USG dual domain transport

SAMG Solver for MODFLOW-USG and MODFLOW2005*

Density-dependent transport in MODFLOW-USG Beta version

Connect CLN Wells to CLN Polylines

ETS and TVM2 Packages in MODFLOW-USG

Specified Gradient boundary condition in MODFLOW-USG

QRT Package in MODFLOW-USG allows return flow from CLNs

Groundwater Vistas 界面

Hot-key to turn grid on/off

Zoom to node in unstructured grids

CLN report for MODFLOW-USG

Mass balance calculations include connected linear networks

Interface with Rockworks

Import/Export CLN polyline files


Facilitate the use of Pest 

Transient recharge pilot points

Support for the new PEST_HP

New censored range target

Customized difference targets

Standard Monte Carlo in addition to Null Space Monte Carlo (this replaces the old Stochastic

MODFLOW/MT3D from older versions)

MNW2/CLN Heads for multi-layer Calibration targets



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