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盛兴集团官网 新版本为12.0

The Geochemist's® Workbench(GWB)是重要的地球化学模拟软件,广泛应用在环境地球化学、油气地球化学以及矿床地球化学等领域。运用计算机模拟众多的复杂地球化学反应过程,通过量化模型来了解沉积成岩和热液变化、开发探明矿床、确定污染物迁移规律、预测矿床和油藏物质演化。目前GWB模拟软件有三个版本,即GWB Essentials、GWB Standard和GWB Professional。

(1)GWB Essentials,即基础地球化学工作台,包含5个模块,Rxn,Act2,Tact,SpecE8,Gtplot。可以计算溶液地球化学反应平衡、构筑多组分体系相图、计算矿物饱和指数、气体逸度以及模拟吸附和表面配合作用、绘制体系氧化还原、pH、温度和活度等各种图解。



(2)GWB Standard,即标准地球化学工作台,除含有上述Essentials基础工作台相同的工具外,还加上了React模块。可以进行反应路径模拟,包括矿物溶解/沉淀和氧化还原动力学、计算Debye-Huckel或Pitzer活度系数和进行稳定同位素分馏计算等内容。



(3)GWB Professional,即专业地球化学工作台。目前GWB PRO 7.0是GWB的新版本,除含有Essentials和Standard版本的所有工具外,还具备3个模块X1t,X2t,Xtplot。可以进行空间地球化学反应研究,如一维和二维反应输运模拟。



GWB 12是Windows10,Windows8.1和8以及Windows 7的首选版本,但GWB 10也适用于这些操作系统。GWB 9仅在Windows 8.1和 8 以及Windows 7下运行。GWB版本8及更早版本已过时,不能在接受支持的Windows版本上运行,应该停用。

GWB Professional

The Geochemist's Workbench® Professional edition is the complete software package. Create spreadsheets and specialty diagrams, trace reaction models, and simulate 1-D and 2-D reactive, bioreactive and colloidal transport.

GWB Pro accounts for equilibrium and kinetic reactions in heterogeneous, dual-porosity media, including simulation of microbial metabolism and growth. Only the professional edition is multithreaded. And only GWB Pro lets you animate your results and create video clips in just moments.

GWB Standard

The Geochemist's Workbench® Standard edition is your choice for spreadsheets, diagrams, and multicomponent reaction modeling. Plot how species distributions change, model water-rock interaction, and simulate fluid mixing.

Integrate kinetic rate laws for mineral dissolution and precipitation, complex association and dissociation, sorption and desorption, redox transformation, and gas transfer. Model microbial metabolism and growth.

GWB Essentials

The Geochemist's Workbench® Essentials edition performs the most common tasks in geochemical modeling. With a few clicks, you can balance reactions, figure equilibrium constants, and make Eh-pH diagrams.

The package features a spreadsheet designed for geochemical analyses. Instantly convert units or figure mineral saturation for all your samples. Create time series and cross plots, and ternary, Piper, or Stiff diagrams. And that's just the beginning.

What's new in GWB12?

Phase2, the ultimate phase diagram generator

Generalized stable isotope model

Tsonopoulos, Peng-Robinson, and Spycher-Reed partial pressure models

Stable isotope transport

Presentation grade graphics

XML plot output for your favorite graphics app

Re-engineered compute engine

Unified rate model

Overlay multiple scatter datasets and reaction traces

Anion exchange model

Multi-tier self-auditing

Phase assemblage and predominance maps

Comments in GSS cells

Extend Act2 and Tact plots beyond water stability limits

Suppress and alter KD and Freundlich species

Influx and efflux summaries for reactive transport models

Save scripts in bit-exact hexadecimal format

Streamlined GUI eliminates irritating “stick points”

No hassle travel: borrow a floating license for your trip

Optimized for Windows 10

What's new in GWB11?

Any number of boundary and injection fluids.
Arbitrary inlet and well pumping intervals.
Recirculation wells.
Quick video output to compact frame images.
Chain together kinetic reaction paths.
Robust pickup command.
Expanded set of transient and heterogeneous properties.
Graph transient variables against time.
Cutoff feature for compute-intensive simulations.
Cleaner, sleeker GUI.
Electrical conductivity by USGS and APHA methods.
Multiple Stiff, Schoeller, Radial, Bar, and Pie plots on a page.
Configurable Stiff, Schoeller, and Radial diagrams.
Concentration as protonated, deprotonated species (e.g., H2S, HS-, S2-).
Allow duplicate names of species, minerals, and gases.
Set working directory once for all GWB apps.



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